Protest Jib Vid 07 a Tignes

Dall’18 al 21 marzo si svolgerà a Tignes il Protest Jib Vid, evento di freestyle e filming giunto alla terza edizione. E’ caratterizzato da un format innovativo che coinvolge anche il pubblico e entusiasma i team protagonisti. Eccovi il comunicato ufficiale con tutte le info.

Protest Jib Vid 2007

Dal 18 al 21 marzo si svolgerà a Tignes la terza edizione di
questa competizione a base di snowboard, free ski e filming. L’obiettivo
è di produrre il miglior video massimo di 120secondi in una finestra
di produzione di 26 ore. La sponsorizzazione di Protest, vicina al progetto
fin dal primo anno, ha reso possibile la crescita di questa manifestazione in
un format di più giorni, con una formula spettacolare sia per i partecipanti
che gli atleti. Dal momento in cui iniziano le riprese, lo snowpark di tignes
diventerà il campo di battaglia di tutti gli atleti iscritti, con animazione
in doppia lingua, bbq parties e la possibilità di poter fare snowboard
tutto il giorno insieme ai pro invitati.

Tutto il programma è pieno di feste, dj set ed altre attività
che lasceranno tutti i partecipanti entusiasti di questa manifestazione. L’evento
è aperto a ragazzi e ragazze, in team di 3 ciascuno. Verranno ammessi
massimo 20 team alla manifestazione e dovranno essere tutti approvati dall’organizzazione.
Segue il comunicato stampa completo della manifestazione.

Protest Jib-Vid 2007- Tignes

Sunday 18th March
• Arrival Day
• 15h00 – 18h team registration, The Couloir Bar, Val Claret
• 2200 – DJ set, The Couloir Bar, Val Claret

Monday 19th March
• 10h00 – Tignes snowpark open
• 15h00 – 18h team registration, The Couloir Bar, Val Claret
• 18h00 – Rider meeting, The Couloir Bar, Val Claret
• 22h00 – DJ set, The Couloir Bar, Val Claret

Tuesday 20th March
• 10h00 – Tignes snowpark open
• 10h00 – The Protest Jib-Vid begins
• 22h00 – DJ set, the Couloir Bar, Val Claret

Wednesday 21st March
• 10h00 – Tignes snowpark open
• Midday –all Jib-Vid’s handed in to organiser by this time
• 13h00 – 1600 – Best Trick contest in the Tignes snowpark
• 20h00 – Melting Pot – doors open
• 21h00 – Melting Pot – Film projection and judging starts
• 23h00 – 0400 – Melting Pot

NB: preliminary programme – subject to change

Protest Jib-Vid History

The Protest Jib-Vid, now in its third year, is due to return to Tignes, France
on the 20th and 21st March 2007. The event began as a seasonaires’ film
competition to celebrate the creative nature of skiing and snowboarding in 2005
and was an instant success. With Protest Boardwear, supporting and sponsoring
the competition from the beginning, this rider-run concept has grown into Europe’s
premier riding and filming competition.

By growing the Protest Jib-Vid up from its grassroots level the competition
has kept its focus on producing the highest level of short films possible in
a 26 hour production window. This year the time allowance for each of the jib-vids
has been extended to 120 seconds to allow for the greatest creative license

With the confidence and sponsorship invested by Protest Boardwear over the years
the event has grown into a two-day spectacle for spectators and team members
alike. From the moment the teams begin filming, the Tignes snowpark will be
a buzz with; a bilingual MC to keep everyone informed, a BBQ from the local
take-out legend Tignes Cuisine, raffles and prize giveaways for the spectators
to win whilst enjoying the chance to ride with the pros all day, limited edition
event T-shirts for all shapes and sizes, DJ’s keeping the whole place
rockin’, and a world class snowpark with the most ingenious features to
watch the teams use or have a go at yourselves.

The evenings are just as hectic with live acts brought into resort just for
the Protest Jib-Vid who will be found playing in the premier locations of Val
Claret. The Couloir Bar will be offering hospitality to all the riders, staff
and as many others as can fit through the doors. Its sumptuous menu, deliciously
well stocked bar, freshest tunes outside of the official afterparty and the
friendliest staff in town will help you enjoy every minute of your stay in Tignes.
The projection of all the jib-vid’s will be the pinnacle of the competition,
which will take place in Tignes’ best kept secret, The Melting Pot. Once
the lucky winners get their hands on their Sony Vaio Laptops and 750€ each,
we promise to deliver the biggest party in the Alps this decade. Luckily Red
Bull has fuelled the event with all the energy needed so that we do not miss
a second, ask Protest Jib-Vid staff members for your lifeline in a can!

The Protest Jib-Vid is open to skiers and snowboarders, guys or girls, in teams
of three with a maximum of 20 teams invited to take part. A number of teams
are invited, including the top three teams from the 2006 Protest Jib-Vid, whilst
the wildcard entries will be accepted via the official event website until the
end of February, check out
for all details.

The Teams
The Protest Jib-Vid would be nothing without the extraordinary effort
invested by all the teams that take part. From the costume design for their
storylines to writing whole music scores in the early hours of the morning,
the teams give every ounce of energy to try and create the winning masterpiece.

Adam Gendle seems to have the magic formula, as he has been a member of each
and every winning Protest Jib-Vid Team. This year the pressure will be on as
‘Gendle’ returns to Tignes to try and take the title once again,
and no-one knows this better than the man himself.

Quotes from Riders
Adam Gendle – 1st Place Protest Jib-Vid 2005 & 2006
“It is the most fun competition ever. For sure I’m coming back and
to take the title home again!”

Tim Warwood – 2nd place in the Protest Jib-Vid 2006
“The jib vid is one of the best video contests around! If not the best!
The whole ‘film and edit in one day’ is brilliant, and with the time limit being
only 90 secs, it means it really you have to be really creative to tell your
story. It helps that I got 2nd too!”

About the Sponsors
Protest Boardwear provides technical outwear for all levels of boarding
enthusiasts. For more information on their extensive All Conditions Boardwear
check out their new website at

Ride Snowboards provide shred sticks across the board from all mountain beasts
to park destroyers, check out your stick of choice at

Spy Optics provide the slickest shades and goggles on the market, so for your
windows to the world check out,

The Snowboard Asylum (TSA) is your one stop-shop provider, from backpacks and
avalanche equipment to threads and shreds, check out, can hook you up with the perfect palace to suit all your needs
at the end of a long day’s riding in Tignes, and if you need help with
anything from transfers to babysitting they can help you with that too. For
more information check out,

For all information on the ski resort of Tignes check out their website at

The Man behind the Event
Graham MacVoy, the organiser and brains behind the Protest Jib-Vid,
brings a wealth of experience as both an events organiser and snowpark designer/shaper
to Tignes. His previous projects include The Red Bull Rail Storm (George Square,
Glasgow, 2004 and Trafalgar Square, London, 2005), the Nikita Iceland Park Project
(2001-2006 inclusive), Xbox Big Day Out (Val D’Isere, France, 1998-2006),
The Daily Mail Ski and Snowboard Show (Olympia, London, 2002-2005), and The
Orange Air Time (The Orange British Championships, Laax, Switzerland, 2006),
to name just a few. The Tignes snowpark will be reshaped with the help of the
crew at GMC Park Design to introduce several new features, which provide the
teams with a selection of fresh and innovative obstacles to work their storylines

As a professional snowboarder for many years, Graham has experienced both sides
of the organisers’ desk at events. He uses this experience to try and
provide the warmest welcome to all the spectators whilst ensuring the teams
are able to demonstrate their skills both as athletes and as creative directors
through the competition format and the course construction.

“The Protest Jib-Vid has been a pleasure to organise over the last 3
years with great support from all the riders, media partners and all the sponsors
that have been involved. The vibe in the park is amazing when the competition
is running, as the teams are off filming whilst the locals kill it on all the
new features, and I am super proud to be able to give this to a resort that
I made my home for so many years. There is nothing better than sharing a day’s
riding with your mates and marvelling in the joy of having fun on skis or a
snowboard, so I am looking forward to riding the park myself in March –
it rocks!

Inclusion not exclusion is the aim of the event, so we have prizes, giveaways
and t-shirts for anyone who comes along to ride or just to watch and be part
of the atmosphere. I am looking forward to the cash giveaways I have planned
for the best trick contest – open to everyone – and think that everyone
is going to be stoked on the kit we have as prizes from Ride Snowboards, Spy
Optics and The Snowboard Asylum (TSA).”