Highmath Exhibition by DC

DC’s Artist Projects™ presenta la mostra collettiva “Highmath” che raduna quasi 50 artisti emergenti americani, quasi tutti legati al mondo dello skateboarding. Un iniziativa unica nel suo genere, ospitata dall’Arkitip di Copenhagen dal 26 maggio al 24 giugno (Follow English Version).

DC is proud to sponsor the collective exhibition “Highmath”.

46 groundbreaking American artists, young and old will be showing in Copenhagen when the exhibition Highmath curated by ARKITIP opens at V1 Gallery next week.

Amongst others, you can encounter artists such as: Chris Linding, a shooting star on the American art-sky, wunderkind Chuck Anderson, veteran C.R. Stecyk III, New York street artist Dalek, renowned artist Kaws, who was amongst other things is currently involved with the nomadic exhibit Beautiful Losers, legendary skater Ed Templeton, prolific graphic designer Geoff McFetridge and many more. There will also be the welcomed return of familiar names such as Shepard Fairey, Richard Coleman and Jo Jackson who have all previously exhibited at V1 Gallery.

Damon Way, one of the founders of DC will be DJing at the exhibition. Damon is the creative inspiration behind DC’s Artist Projects™a program created in 2001. The series is a vehicle for DC to work with artists who influence street culture, fine arts, and popular design. Select artists are given creative control over the design, branding and packaging of a DC shoe.

“This is a way to bring something new to the industry by collaborating with friends to create exciting and unique products. Also, most of these artists have been involved with the culture and/or business or skateboarding for many years, so for most of them it is equally exciting to have their art and name embellished on a product that represents the sport”.. DC’s Artist Projects™ includes models designed by Shepard Fairey, Kaws, Dave Kinsey, Eric So, Phil Frost and Thomas Campbell, Arkitip/Evan Hecox, Andy Howell, Michael Leon, Andre and recently SSUR and Jo Jackson.

Highmath is the essence of America’s art scene of tomorrow, in the form of lithographs, silk screen prints, photographs and hand-sketched originals. The exhibition will be a rare chance to experience not just the most promising young talents but also their mentors and sources of inspiration.

The title Highmath refers to the multi-faceted relationship that exists between all artists.

Exhibition opens: May 26 1006 05:00 pm – 10:00 pm
On View 26.05.06 – 24.06.06

V1 Gallery. Absalonsgade 21B. 1655 Cph V. www.v1gallery.com

Wed-Fri: 2:00pm – 6:00pm. Sat: 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Full list of exhibiting artists:

Andrew Schoultz, Andy Howell, Ben Loiz, Bob Kronbauer, Chris Lindig, Chuck Anderson, Cody Hudson, CR Stecyk III, Dalek, Dave Schubert, Derrick Hodgson, Don Pendeleton, Ed Templeton, Eric Elms, Evan Hecox, Experimental Jetset, Garrett Morin, Gary Benzel, Geoff McFetridge, Harmen Lieburg, Hersk, Jo Jackson, José Parlá, Josh Petherick, Kaws, KR, Lorenzo Petrantoni, Michael Sieben, Micheal Leon, Mike Lohr, National Forest, Patrick Rocha, Peter Beste, Peter Rentz, Peter Sutherland, Ric Stultz, Richard Colman, Rob Abeyta, Jr., Roman Yang, Ross Holden, Ryan Waller, Shay Nowick, Shepard Fairey, Stephen Serrato, Supermundane, Todd James, Todd St. John & Tony Larson.